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Asma Kazi is a visual artist who specializes in creating mixed media art. Her mode of expression swings from abstract expressionism, Figurative themes, to pop art, and the repetitive patterns in Zentangles. Asma's work is vibrant, giving it an impression of festivity & of being in a carnival. The work is symbolic in nature revolving around themes of chaos, duality, decay and the feminine. Asma is based in Pune, India and open to accepting commissions for paintings and murals from clients in India as well as a global audience. Asma’s art resides with collectors in India, Dubai, Australia and USA.
Abstract artist from India, Mixed Media Artist from India, commission, painting, mural, mixed media, Abstract, Landscape , Illustration, Zentangle, Pune, India, New York, Dubai, Mumbai, London, USA, wall art, Fine Art, Biomorphic
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Stories from the Studio

Of Works in Progress and Arty Ramblings
  • Artworks in Progress

    How do you know the artwork is finished? If I had a penny, for every time I was asked the question, I’d be taking my long overdue vacation right about now. And it would most likely include a vis

  • What inspires your Art?

    I have been asked the question about my work on numerous occasions, and it is a query I have found myself wondering about quite often as well. What is it that makes me tick, what makes me create art

  • Buying Art Online

    I have been showcasing my art online for close to three years now (OMG. RIght?!), and it still doesn’t cease to amaze me how wonderfully accessible art has become. There has never been a better time