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Asma Kazi

From Zoology journals to Excel sheets to colouring outside the lines, Asma Kazi has found her inspiration to art in the most unlikely of places.
Asma’s work at first glance is a happy assemblage of abstract imaginary ecosystems, peacocks, butterflies and brightly hued faces. The colours in her work are vibrant, giving one the impression of festivity and of being in a carnival. The work however is also strongly symbolic in nature, revolving around themes of chaos, the feminine, metamorphosis, duality, the fantastical, birth and decay.
Asma Kazi is a mixed media artist who is currently based in Pune, India. Asma’s mode of expression in her constantly evolving work swings from abstract expressionism, figurative themes, to pop art, and the repetitive patterns of zentangles. Her work is hyperactive, bringing together seemingly abstract elements in a state of cohesiveness.She sometimes draws her inspiration from the beauty in nature, and the other times dwelling in the abstract of parallel universes and the chaos theory.
The extensive use of textures and repeating patterns in her work, are representative of age, of patina and noise. The repetitions are sometimes calming, disturbing at times, but always add to the overall character of the artwork, giving a sense of order in the chaos.
Some of her art pieces seem to have grown complex personalities of their own. Evolving year after year, as she adds new detail to it, creating a new story over a story, the result of which are paintings rich with emotion and texture.
Asma’s work is elegantly built, influenced by tales from her childhood, and inspirations drawn from following the breadcrumb trail of the everyday, it’s a celebration of the ever evolving, and ever enchanted in life, alongside beautiful dilapidation. It is a celebration of resilience.
Asma has worked as a professional artist since the year 2012, and has been commissioned to work on various fine art and commercial projects since. Her artwork currently resides with collectors in India, Australia and the USA. Some of her commercial art projects include artwork done for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s HitRecord, Hachette Books and Hoshruba Repertory.

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