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Asma Kazi is a visual artist who specializes in creating mixed media art, which true to the rapidly changing current times is forever evolving. Her mode of expression swings from abstract expressionism, Figurative themes, to pop art, and the repetitive patterns in Zentangles. Sometimes drawing inspiration from the beauty in nature, the other times dwelling in the abstract of parallel universes and chaos theory. She creates her artwork on paper or canvas and enjoys creating wall art for homes and restaurants. Asma's work is of vibrant colours giving it an impression of festivity & of being in a carnival. The work is strongly symbolic in nature revolving around themes of chaos, duality, decay and the feminine. Asma is based in Pune, India and open to accepting commissions for paintings and murals from clients in India as well as a global audience. Asma’s art has been bought by collectors in India, Dubai, Australia and USA. Buyers from across the globe can buy Asma’s art online via Paypal or Bank transfer, or through the Saatchi Art portal.
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Commission a piece of Art

a) When do I commission a piece of art?
Artworks are typically commissioned by collectors, when they cannot find the artwork they like, in a size or color scheme, that would be more suited to their space at home or office. Also, when the client needs a very specific project related artwork created, in case of a commercial art assignment.
b) How do I commission a piece of art?
– Send me a brief description, of what you would like the custom made painting to look like. The client specs typically include-
– Required artwork dimensions
– Color preferences, if any
– An image of the room, in which the artwork will be installed
– Wall dimensions
– Mention of the artwork from my existent portfolio, on the basis of which you would like the artwork created.
– In case of a portrait/figuratve painting, please send a high res reference image of the subject you would like painted.
c) What is the payment schedule for a commissioned piece of art?
50% of the payment to be made in advance, before the commencement of the project. The remainder of the monies due within 30 days of approving the completed painting and before shipment.
 You can view some Commissioned Art Samples Here > Select Commissioned Art