Kaleidodrama | Fields of Scarlet, 2017
Of Sunny barcodes, Cartography and Connecting the dots. Alien Landscapes. The series is a commentary on my world view right now, of everything being in a state of displacement, of falling apart and falling into place. Of a world of stained fingers & haunted eyes, waking up to alien landscapes, sometimes volatile hostile landscapes, and losing ones sense of home - metaphorical & incarnate . A society that is cautious, & easily startled, in a space that is constantly evolving. Where everything is held together in wisps, as new connections form, re-form. And Of finding a new familiar, a new home, with the birthing of the new. The artworks are mixed media pieces created with Acrylic+Oil paint, Ink & Pastels on Canvas.
mixed media, Acrylic, oil, Ink, Pastels, Alien Landscapes, Abstract Expressionism
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Fields of Scarlet, 2017

Fields of Scarlet, 2017

Tonight the sky is full of miracles
Fields of scarlet
Overlapping stories.
Glitched. Glued. Sandpapered.
Connecting the dots
Merging. Emerging.
Fragmented, & One. 

Fields of Scarlet I, Alien landscapes, 2017 | 9×12 in | Mixed media on Canvas 

Fields of Scarlet II, Alien landscapes, 2017 | 12×12 in | Mixed media on Canvas BUY

Fields of Scarlet III, Alien landscapes, 2017 | 12×18 in | Mixed media on Canvas BUY



September 23, 2017

abstract, alien landscapes, mixed media, surrealism
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