Kaleidodrama | Kaleidodrama - Art by Asma Kazi - Tree of Life 2014
Abstract art by Asma Kazi. Asma is mixed media artist based in Pune, India and open to accepting commissions for paintings and murals from clients in India as well as a global audience. Asma’s art has been bought by collectors in India, The Middle East, Australia and USA.
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Tree of Life, 2014

Tree of Life, 2014

For a season, a reason or a life time.

The narrative I feed on, of a creative process that requires no pre-planning. No rough sketches. No erasing. Of just putting paint to canvas, and coming out of a color filled trance after a few hours, a few days, with a piece of art that wows me as much as it does another.

It is a narrative that jars against the processes of a commissioned work. It screeches as it looks for a semblance of freedom of the impromptu, within the confines of the client specs.

It has been a huge challenge for me, to work in a way that does not come very easy to me, but it is a process I am starting to enjoy very much.

Brief: Four or more Panels. A tree depicting the change in seasons.

Tree of Life, 2014 12x24in x4 | Mixed Media on Canvas | Commissioned

To commission a work contact : asma.kazi@kaleidodrama.com


June 20, 2016

abstract, commissioned art, illustration, mixed media, polyptych, tree of life
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