Kaleidodrama | Kaleidodrama - Art by Asma Kazi - War Paint 2016
Abstract portraits by Asma Kazi. Asma is mixed media artist based in Pune, India and open to accepting commissions for paintings and murals from clients in India as well as a global audience. Asma’s art has been bought by collectors in India, The Middle East, Australia and USA.
commission, artist, art, fine art , painting, mural, mixed media, Abstract, Abstract Expressionism, Portrait, Feminine, Figurative, Pune, India, New York, Dubai, Mumbai, London, USA, wall art
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War Paint, 2016

War Paint, 2016

Because forevers are overrated. New layers, story on story, fragmented and one.

War Paint, Lopsided, 2016
14×16 in | Mixed Media on canvas board| BUY NOW

Make an offer  : asma.kazi@kaleidodrama.com


June 20, 2016

abstract, mixed media, oil paint, portrait
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