Ancient Tongues & Tales, 2019

Ancient Tongues & Tales, 2019

My artworks Shakti and Cosmic Balance are at the enchanting The Fernie Brae Gallery in Portland as part of their “Ancient Tongues & Tales” show that opend on 16th November 2019 and will be up through January 12th 2020
Exhibition theme:
“Symbols, story, art… the ways we first discovered how to communicate, to connect.

Hidden in the veins of a leaf, in the silvery slime of a snail, in the shoreline’s shifting pattern… are the memories of worlds we’ve always known but believe we have forgotten.

In our bones, we hold the stories of stars and sand. In our blood, flows the Sacred Wells our ancestors prayed to; we sing the songs of rivers and ocean.

When we forget who we are, we need to call ourselves home. Or perhaps we need to call our home to us.

Art, symbols, story…they call out to our home, to the ancient ones who spoke in the tongue of star, snail, and wind.

How do you sing the song of your ancestors in a stroke of paint? How will you carve the story of your bones into rock, clay, wood?”
It is exciting to be exhibiting my work alongside work by some truly fantastical artists including the internationally acclaimed, immensely talented, Toby Froud of the Dark Crystal fame.


These artworks are special project specific pieces of art that were created a little while back, and that in the way most divinely synchronous things work, were a perfect fit for, and find their space under the spotlight in the “Ancient Tongues & Tales” show. These pieces haven’t been publicly exhibited online or in the bricks & mortar space before and most probably won’t be part of a larger series, unless in very special circumstances.

Shakti + Cosmic Balance| 14×18 in x2| Acrylic, ink, charcoal on canvas | For purchasing info or any other details, you can write to

The exhibit will be up through January 12th 2020, if you are in Portland, go say hello!


November 26, 2019

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