A Hundred Eyes, 2012

A Hundred Eyes, 2012

I have been hearing peacock cries in the forest next to my house for the last couple of months. Haven’t spotted any this season though. They’re not exactly pleasant to the ear, and it’s eerie to hear them shriek in the dark of the forest, at dawn, but they surely are a beautiful sight when they make themselves seen.

Ever since I completed work on Carousel Circles, I’ve been thinking of peacocks. At noon yesterday, we heard a loud shriek. It sounded like the bird was nearby. I rushed to my window hoping to finally spot it, in vain.

Going by how loud the cry was, and that we didn’t hear him after, the bird was most probably attacked by a dog or something else. I do hope it wasn’t, and that it still lives happily in those greens.

So finally no peacock was sighted, but what did happen was that I was overcome by this sudden urge to paint a peacock. So without wasting any time, I pulled out the paints, the palette knife and a stretched canvas, and got down to some furious painting. I love how he looks on my canvas.

A Hundred Eyes, 2012

30×24 in | Mixed media on Canvas | INR 60,000 | Sold


June 22, 2012

abstract, figurative, mixed media, Peacock
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