Flawed & Fabulous, 2017

Flawed & Fabulous, 2017

That time of the year again, my year two. Of a 31 days, of Inking, Smudging and trying not to draw a blank.
Last year Inktober for me was all about recreating my Zoology journal in an artistic illustrative style. This year I move from illustrations, & my usual carnivalesque work, to experiment with monochromatic ink portraits.

This Inktober 2017 series celebrates,
the flawed & the fabulous.
The Phoenixes & the mice
The mice that grow up
into towering phoenixes.
Glamorizing resilience
and bouncing back.
Faces known, & unknown.
The resting bitch faces
Faces frozen at “bruh please”
The faces that meet calls to smile
With cold stares & resounding Nos.
Forever outraged
Always restless.
Scraped off the tarmac
Put together again,
never quite the same.
Addicted to the drama.
Of being a phoenix.
Being Flawed & Fabulous.

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November 9, 2017

abstract, figurative, portrait
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