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  • The Eight Footed y El Monstruo Marino

    The Eight Footed y El Monstruo Marino
    Mixed Media on Canvas| Commissioned | INR 13000 | SOLD
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  • Dark Things, 2016

    And it’s done. The Dark Things Painting commissioned by Sukanya is now complete. It’s been so much fun painting it, I’m going to miss poring over this. |

    Of Ravens. Maidens & Monsters. A timehop, and some Wonderland seeped in.

    Dark Things | 36x24in | Mixed media on Canvas | INR 80000 | SOLD

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  • Amber Trails, 2016

    A spill over from 2015, these babies are finally done, and ready to leave for their new home.

    It’s been such a joy working on this polyptych. To meditate over what feels like a gazillion layers of paint, reading patterns as they form, reform. I’m going to miss them.

    Amber Trails, 2016 | 12x24in x4 + 12x12in x2| Mixed Media on Canvas | INR 135000 | SOLD

    Commissioned | To commission a work contact :

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  • Aarohi

    Aarohi (Pari), 2016

    Commissioned fisrt birthday portrait

    INR 32000 | SOLD

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  • Tree Of Life

    For a season, a reason or a life time.

    The narrative I feed on, of a creative process that requires no pre-planning. No rough sketches. No erasing. Of just putting paint to canvas, and coming out of a color filled trance after a few hours, a few days, with a piece of art that wows me as much as it does another.

    It is a narrative that jars against the processes of a commissioned work. It screeches as it looks for a semblance of freedom of the impromptu, within the confines of the client specs.

    It has been a huge challenge for me, to work in a way that does not come very easy to me, but it is a process I am starting to enjoy very much.

    Brief: Four or more Panels. A tree depicting the change in seasons.

    Tree of Life, 2014 12x24in x4 | Mixed Media on Canvas |INR 80000| Commissioned

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