Magical Night Market, 2019

Magical Night Market, 2019

For the love of lotuses, stardust, bhoot-flavoured ice cream and sparkling moonbeams on ice.

This magical Night Market was conjured in the land of stardust and all things enchanted by the immensely talented Shveta Thakrar as part of her much-awaited debut young adult fantasy novel STAR DAUGHTER, the first of the two standalone books she sold to HarperTeen, an imprint of HarperCollins, last year.

In a collaboration of creatives, I was commissioned by Shveta Thakrar to visually translate Shveta Thakrar’s words into jewel-toned tents chock-full of charmed bits and bobs, while glorious mythical beings wander the spiraling paths as they shop for magical potions, shawls of sunlight, and silken weaves, all under a starlit sky. A piece of this magic is now available as art prints for your own walls and as other fun goodies.

We can’t wait to get our hands on STAR DAUGHTER, which releases on 11 August 2020. Until then, soak in the glow of the magical Night Market! Yon can buy some glorious night market souvenirs of whimsy here



November 2, 2019

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